BAUER Lean-Engineering GmbH

Schlanke Produktionssysteme - Innovative Elektroblechverarbeitung

What we offer

You can place your trust in our knowledge and profit from our extensive experience gathered over decades.

We offer assistance in

In the consulting environment we do not only offer theoretical answers, but we will accompany you with experienced experts to put into practise your planned changes. It is not important whether it is a technological change or advice on an innovation, an action to increase efficiency or the establishment of a lean system.

Our procedure includes a number of phases that we structure according to the prevailing conditions, generally the sequence of actions is :

  • Analysis of the current situation

  • Review of potential benefits

  • Generation of concepts

  • Implementation of approved concepts

  • Full dokumentation

We will gladly manage the agreed project and assume responsibility for reaching the agreed outcome.

In the case of tool design, we also support component manufacture, assembly, coordination and commissioning, if required. To ensure that you continue to benefit from our design solutions in the future, we put great emphasis on standardization for design and component production.