BAUER Lean-Engineering GmbH

Schlanke Produktionssysteme - Innovative Elektroblechverarbeitung

Innovation consulting

Our assistance with innovation is relevant for all manufacturing organisations, but our core competency is in the area of electrical steel processing.

The life cycle of a lot of products is getting shorter and shorter. At the same time the wishes and expectations as well as requirements of clients and end users are getting more and more demanding. Organisations must keep up with all these factors to succeed in the market against competitors.

This fast changing environment poses real challenges to small and medium-sized companies. Many businesses do not plan innovation and are handled on an unstructured basis.

This gap is what BAUER Lean-Engineering GmbH aims to close. We develop tailor-made innovation strategies and support for their implementation.

Should your approach not be required to follow a rigid strategy BAUER Lean-Engineering GmbH will support clients through a goal-oriented one-off innovation development.

Innovation consulting includes the following services :

  • Development of innovation strategies

  • Implementation of innovation strategies

  • Development of innovative manufacturing processes and tools featuring customised functions

Does your organisation have any innovation requirements? Please feel free to contact us.